About Cydersoft

CydersoftTM was founded in February 2014 with the vision of developing cutting-edge technology products and solutions for the mobile advertising industry.

We are a technology company that focuses on developing and offering the VideMob (TM) platform, as well as mobile apps development on multi platforms.

CydersoftTM operates in several international R&D centers and sale offices, with a headquarters in Israel and a sales office in New York, US.

We also offer an affiliate network to websites and developers through our native SDK on iOS and Android platforms, as well as a mobile web SDK on all popular browsers and devices.

The VideMobTM platform is an industry leading category-based mobile video advertising and monetization SSP with a complete end-user framework solution.

We are a team of tech wizards, marketing mavens, coding connoisseurs and savvy media managers.
We challenge ourselves to provide the mobile industry with essential technology and products that enable a better user experience and maximize our partners’ revenues.

We are the tech dream makers.

We’re always happy to hear about new initiatives and enter into new partnerships, so feel free to contact us